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Enjoy hassle-free boating as a V.I.B. Customer  with our Quality Protection Plan


Prevent "Out on the Water" Boating Emergencies with our Quality Protection Plan

and become a V.I.B. Customer  for only $10/ month*



Honestly, no one wants to see a boat technician. We only show up when something

goes wrong.

Let’s change that. We want to show up now so we won’t have to show up later.

Sign up for our Quality Protection Plan, and we’ll perform a 25-point boat inspection

on your boat once a year.

And you’ll also get awesome discounts and free services.


   ⚓ Prevent boating emergencies (so you and your family stay safe and see us less often)


   ⚓ Save money (so if you do need us, the repairs are much easier to afford)


What’s included in the plan?


  • One 25-point inspection per year— This includes checking for problems with your bilge pump, fuel filters, fuel-water separator, spark plugs, fuel hoses, electrical system, battery & battery cables, engine oil and much more!


  • 10% discount on repairs & services— Helps soften the blow of any boat repair.


  • One free minor diagnostic call per year— Need us to come out to see what the problem is?

       The first call is on us.


  • Get a 90-day warranty on all repairs — We guarantee the quality of our work for 90 days, giving you peace of mind. Get a 2 year warranty on all electronics & bilge pumps (parts only)


  • Priority service — You’re now a. V.I.B. Customer  


  • We put you ahead of all non-priority customers when it comes to who we serve first. 


The cost of the Customer Protection Plan is $10/month* (about the price of 3 Gallons of marine fuel.)  *Charged Annually: $119 

There’s no cost to cancel. So just contact us anytime you’d like to stop being on the protection plan.

It’s as simple as that.


Enjoy hassle-free boating as a V.I.B. Customer  with our Quality Protection Plan

and sign up today!

Mobile Boat Repair Quality Protection Plan
avoid incidents with Quality Marine Mobile Boat Repair
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