We repair & update your Boat Trailer. New hub kits, new tire, new axles, new springs. You name it - we do it.
Our state of the art computer diagnostics will tell you everything about your boat engine. Hours, running temperature & RPM and much more.
In Florida we don't winterize, we "summerize"
You're leaving for the summer? We'll prep your boat so it's in good shape when you come back.
We offer maintenance plans for both, locals & snowbirds, so your boat is ready and safe whenever you need it.
We'll replace your bilge pump with a new one and make sure your float switch works at all times.
We exchange your motor oil & filter, so your engine stays healthy.
Would you like a bigger or newer engine? Ask us for a free quote.
Don't Buy Yourself a Boat-Load of Problems!
Can you afford not to get a pre-purchase inspection? Inspections start at $199
We'll exchange your engine's spark plugs. That saves you money and you can chase the fish faster.
All of our technicians are equipped with state of the art "power probes" so they can diagnose and fix any electrical issue in a jiffy.
Considering a new chart plotter with 3 D view,
touch screen & underwater view? Ask us for a quote.
We'll make your engine run like a swiss watch (again) so you get faster to your favorite fishing spot or restaurant.
Considering a GPS or a new, more accurate fish finder/ sonar?
We'll give you a free quote.
Need a new depth finder, so you don't damage another prop?
We got you covered.
Your power steering is getting sluggish? We'll bleed it with new hydraulic fluid & exchange the seals if necessary.
Is your prop worn down or bent? We'll fix it or exchange for a new, fuel efficient prop.
Do your speakers sound like a juke box from the sixties? We'll install new ones for you - even with LED background light, if you want.
Would you like to play the music from your iPhone via blue tooth on your boat's stereo? We'll install a new waterproof stereo system for you.
Is trim & tilt of your motor not working as it should? We'll fix your hydraulic trim motor & system.
You can barely see the information on you gauges? We'll install new ones for you.
Bent prop shaft?
We'll straighten it out.
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